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How did WowWorx begin?

Over 20 years ago I received a call from a very troubled dentist. The dentist’s office manager accidentally deleted most of his patient files and his tape backup refused to work. After thirty minutes of troubleshooting over the phone and much to the dentist’s relief we got the tape backup to work and he spent the next two hours restoring his patient files. A few days later he invited me to his office to resolve a technical problem that was constantly frustrating his staff. Within fifteen minutes of arriving at his practice the issue was resolved and he exclaimed, “wow it works!”. So, WowWorx began.

Douglas Newton

Douglas brings more than two decades of technology and managerial experience to meet your needs. He has served as the CIO for one of the largest PR firms in the USA and has also been the Director of Technology for multiple school districts in Nebraska and California. He possesses a Masters Degree in Technology from the University of Nebraska Graduate School and 50+ hours in Information Systems from Nova Southeastern University. Additionally he holds various technical industry and professional business certifications and has written thousands of pages of training materials for the US Airforce and other clients.

We are driven by values

At WowWorx, we let the nature of your business drive the implementation and management of technology. This is vastly different from typical technologists who buy and implement for the sake of technology without thinking about the impact on the organization as a whole.

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Highly Skilled

Douglas Newton

Principal Consultant/CIO

Alejandrina Collado