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MS Word Tips:

How do I change my default font?

When you first install Word, the default font is Times New Roman and the size is 10 points. To change Word's default font for all new documents, do the following:

1. From the Format menu, choose Font.
2. Select the desired name, size and attributes for your new default font, and click the Default... button.
3. Word will confirm that you actually want to change your default font. Click Yes to change the default.
These changes are saved in the file in Windows.


How do I copy formats with Format Painter?

Format Painter will apply the same formatting to several elements in a Word document.

1. Select the text to which you've already applied the format you want.
2. Click the Format Painter button on the tool bar.
3. Select the text to which you want to apply the format.


How do I quickly close all open documents?

There is a quick way to close all open Word documents at once: hold down the SHIFT key and click File in the menu bar. The Close All command replaces the Close command on the File menu. When you choose Close All, Word closes all your open documents, pausing only to ask if you want to save changes.


How do I set up shortcut keys?

You can quickly setup shortcut keys for your most commonly used commands.

1. Press CTRL+ALT+PLUS SIGN (on your numeric keypad). The insertion point will change from an I-beam to a command symbol.
2. From any menu, choose the command you wish to work with. The Customize Keyboard dialog box is displayed, showing the command you selected.
3. In the Press new shortcut key box, press the shortcut key or keys you want to assign to the command. For example, to assign CTRL+L to a command, hold down CTRL and press L.
4. Click Assign, and then Close.


What happens when you double click ?

-The top of the ruler opens the Page Setup dialog box.
-The bottom of the ruler opens the Margin Tabs dialog box.
-The indent marker in the ruler opens the Paragraph dialog box.
-The left half of the status bar opens the Go To dialog box.
-A word selects the whole word.


What if I accidentally hit the Full Screen toolbar?

If you accidentally hide the Full Screen toolbar while in full screen view, you are left with no visible controls on the screen. To restore the Full Screen toolbar to your workspace, do the following:
While in full screen view, press ALT+V+T. Select Full Screen in the Toolbars list and click OK.


What is a fast way to list all styles?

By default, the Style box on the Formatting toolbar lists only five built-in styles and any customer styles. To quickly view all styles from the Formatting toolbar, press SHIFT and click the arrow to the right of the style box. Word will expand the default drop-down list to show all available styles.
NOTE: If the current style is selected in the Formatting toolbar, first click the document so that the style name is not selected.


What is a quick way to cancel a background print job?

Double-click the animated printer in the clock window of the status bar. Then right mouse click on the print job and click cancel.


What is an easy way to add a drop cap?

A drop cap, an enlarged capital letter at the beginning of a paragraph, can enliven a document. However, creating a drop cap manually is a time consuming process involving many steps. You can save yourself these steps by using the Drop Cap feature in Word.

1. From the View menu, choose Page Layout.
2. Select the letter at the start of the paragraph or section.
3. From the Format menu, choose Drop Cap to open the Drop Cap dialog box.
4. In the Position group, select the Dropped option.
5. In the Lines to Drop box, select the appropriate value and click OK.
When Word creates a drop cap, it places a frame around the letter. This means you can place a border around the frame, move it, or apply other formatting.





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