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Slow Opening of Documents on a Netware Server:

Symptoms: You are running WinXP and you try to open a document on a Netware server and your computer takes 30 seconds or more to open the document. Opening and saving MS Office documents are slow.

Problem: The network provider order on your network card is bound to Microsoft networks before the Netware network and/or file and printer sharing for Microsoft networks is enabled.

Problem: The Netware server is running McAfee Netshield 4.60 and Netshield is causing a deadlock.


  • Install the latest patches from Novell


  • Disable file caching on the server by typing at the console:
    • set client file caching enabled = off
  • Disable file caching on the workstation:
    • Right-click on the Novell Client icon (the red "N" in the system tray)
    • Go to the 'Novell Client Properties'
    • Choose the Advanced Settings Tab
    • Highlight 'File Caching'
    • Select "Off" from the drop down menu
    • Exit the 'Novell Client Properties' window

If you do not need the Microsoft Network Software bound to your NIC try the following:

  • Go to your desktop
  • Right mouse click on, 'My Network Places'
  • At the bottom of the list click on, 'Properties'
  • At the top of the window click on, 'Advanced'
  • Then click on, 'Advanced Settings'
  • At the bottom of the window remove the check mark next to, 'File and printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks' and also if present, the check mark next to, 'Client for Microsoft Networks'
  • Click, 'OK'
  • Close all windows and reboot



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