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Anti-viral Software Recommendations:

Often we are asked to recommend a virus protection package for homes and offices. There are many anti-viral companies in the market place that have solutions that work well. So, in our opinion what do we recommend? McAfee. Why? Service, reliability and price.

  • Home usage: McAfee VirusScan or TrendMicro's PC-cillin
  • Office usage: Virus Screen ASAP and Virus Scan ASAP
  • Enterprise: TrendMicro

We have used and implemented solutions from Symantec, and others but have found greater satisfaction with McAfee's and Trend Micro's products. Call us (334.285.3693) for more information in designing a proactive anti-viral solution for your organization.

Call us today at 334.285.3693 for help on designing your anti-viral solution.




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