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Microsoft Security Design

This course is designed to help provide you with the information you need to complete the following:

  • Analyze the existing and planned business security needs
  • Design a security baseline for a Windows 2000 network that includes domain controllers, operations master, application serves, file and print servers, RAS servers, desktop computer, portable computers, and kiosks
  • Design the placement and inheritance of security policies for sites, domains, and organization units
  • Select authentication methods. Methods include certificate-base authentication, Kerberos authentication, clear-text passwords, digest authentication, smart cards, NTLM, RADIUS, and SSL
  • Design a security plan that takes advantage of the following:
    • Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)
    • Certificate Authority (CA) hierarchies
    • Windows 2000 network services security
    • Windows 2000 DNS security
    • Remote Installation Services (RIS) security
    • Windows 2000 SNMP security
    • Windows 2000 Terminal Services security
    • Windows 2000 security for remote access users
    • IPSec solutions

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