CIO for Rent

Let WowWorx guide your information technology implementations and management issues from budgeting to network design, security analysis, help desk, programming, website design and personalized technology training.

Information Systems Management

One of our main services involves the ‘CIO for Rent’ concept…what if your company has a person on call, who is accepted as part of your company’s staff, who comes to technology meetings, is an Information Technology expert and knowledgeable about business processes – but instead of hiring that person, you rented their expertise? Our ‘CIO for Rent’ program offers a very cost effective alternative. No benefits, no health insurance, no 401Ks, no vacations – just the person you need, when you need them. A person that can embrace a variety of technological and managerial challenges and make the situation work.
With our ‘CIO for Rent’ service, you can have access to the same top-level Information Technology expertise that hiring a full time CIO would provide – for a fraction of the yearly cost. Available when and where you need the services and never more than a phone call or email away.
Ask yourself:
• Who is making strategic technology decisions for my organization? Is upper management, or multiple vendors or popularity pressure?
• Do current vendors/staff have the time and experience to research the available options and blend technologies in working order?
• Do staff have the expertise to perform needs analysis and cost benefit analysis of the options available?
• What about the technology investments you have already made? Do the proposed new expenditures fit your existing model and leverage your existing investments?
• Have you thought about how long you will have to live with this decision?
• Can your current IT staffing solution plan the logistics and ongoing management of this technology?
• What are the implications of a wrong IT decision?

We are driven by values

At WowWorx, we let the nature of your business drive the implementation and management of technology. This is vastly different from typical technologists who buy and implement for the sake of technology without thinking about the impact on the organization as a whole.

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